The Ride

The Ride

Team Raiden Factory

KTM 450 RR

That motor is cradled within a custom trellis frame, looking more streetbike than dirt. The ear fuel tank doubles as the subframe, and combineswith duel front tanks to hold almost nine gallons of fuel. Irreplaceable bespoke fairings, three-million dollars of electronics, and a very worried owner complete the 450RR package. What could go wrong?

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Team Raiden Splintered

Honda CRF 450 R

Originally built to own the flat track scene in Oregon, the DiBrino Racing / Icon Raiden ‘Splintered’ CRF 450R recently received another objective: Find the Fastest way through the Tillamook National Forest while keeping your presence undetected. By utilizing ICON RAIDEN’s “Splintered” and “Deadfall” graphic treatments, the svelte Honda was able to carve a path through the huge trees, virtually unseen. However, after relentless drifts, stump jumps and piston slapping engine revving,an unmistakeable roar in the woods reached undeniable resonance. What started as a test, quickly escalated into full on evasion mode.

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